Abstract Submission


Instructions for Abstract Submission

Please read all instructions below before submitting your abstract.

Submit Abstract

DUE DATE: MUST BE SUBMITTED BY 11:59PM CST, October 15, 2019

***Important Notes***: The submitted work will have the opportunity to be considered for publication in a Special Issue in the journal: Aquaculture Reports (current impact factor:1.887) after the meeting. Detailed instructions will be released to the symposium participants in early October 2019.



  • TITLE: to be written in capital letters, Arial size 12, and not exceed 160 characters.

  • NAMES of AUTHORS: please state first the name and after the surname.

  • PRESENTING AUTHOR: name should be in bold.

  • AUTOR'S AFILIATIONS: all to be indicated.

  • BODY TEXT: Use Arial 11 font; single space between sentences; should not to exceed 350 words.

  • POSTER or ORAL: Mark if you would like to have POSTER or ORAL presentation.

  • CONTACT DETAILS: Write the e-mail of contact person.

  • LANGUAGE: English

  • UNITS: metric

  • RESTRICTIONS: no illustrations, no figures, no photos

Abstract Template

Click here to download the Abstract template.

Oral Presentations

  • DURATION: Presentations should not exceed 20 minutes, including any time for questions and answers.

  • QUESTIONS and ANSWERS: Speakers are strongly encouraged to allow a few minutes for Q&A.

  • KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Will be allotted 30 minutes for presentations, including any time for questions and answers.

  • RESTRICTIONS: Speakers are not permitted to overrun and will be alerted 5 minutes before their time is up.

  • CHAIRING SESSIONS: Please indicate if you are willing to be a session chair or co-chair. 

Submission of PowerPoint Presentations

  • DELIVERY:  Speakers must deliver their PowerPoint presentations (USB stick) to the Speaker Preparation Room 24 hours in advance of your presentation time. If you arrive later than 24 hours in advance, please take your presentation to the Speaker Preparation Desk as soon as you arrive.

  • NAMING FILES: Name the file with your presentation, as follows: (1) session theme, (2) the day and (3) your surname.


  • DIMENSIONS: - portrait size: maximum width 90 cm, maximum height 110 cm.


  • PRESENTING AUTHORS : must register for the symposium. LINK .

  • FAILURE TO REGISTER: If an abstract is accepted and the presenting author does not register, the abstract may be withdrawn.

  • MULTIPLE ABSTRACTS: These are welcome, but if the presenting author has submitted more than one abstract, at least one of the remaining authors must register.