Invited Speakers

Confirmed invited speakers at the 8th International Oyster Symposium

  • Professor Bernard Degnan, School of Biological Sciences, The University of Queensland.

    Prof. Degnan's primary research interest is on Genomes, evolution and development; and Marine biotechnology. More details about Prof. Degnan can be found:


  • Professor Dennis Hedgecock, College of Letters, Arts and Science, University of Southern California. 

    Prof. Hedgecock combines expertise in genetics with an understanding of the larger issues of marine organisms and ecosystems. His research focuses on the population, quantitative, evolutionary and conservation genetics of marine fish and shellfish, including Pacific oysters. A leading scientist in the field of oyster aquaculture and genetics, Prof. Hedgecock uses genetic mapping and functional genomics to study the genetic basis of hybrid vigor in Pacific oysters. He develops and improves crossbreeding techniques for farmed Pacific oysters, and has produced high-yield hybrid oyster varieties. More details:

  • Professor Guofan ZhangInstitute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

     Prof. Zhang's research is fousing on Mulluscan mariculture and Aquaculture genetics, who led the Oyster Genome Project. More details for him:

  • Professor Ximing Guo,  Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory, Rutgers University

    Prof. Guo's research is on the genetics and reproduction of marine molluscs. His research interest is in genetic mechanisms of molluscan development and reproduction, and their applicaitons in the improvement of cultured molluscs.

  • Professor Christopher Langdon, College of Agricultural Sciences, Oregon State University

    Prof. Langdon's research is broadly interested in aquaculture of oysters and other bilvalves. His work with the Molluscan Broodstock Program focuses on the genetic selection of oysters in order to improve all aspects of oyster production. He also studies ocean acidification and hypoxia and its effects on oyster production.