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An Overview of Oyster Industry in Rushan

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Rushan City, renowned as the "Chinese Hometown of Oyster", is located in Shandong Peninsula. It is about two-and-a-half-hourdrivefrom Qingdao. Itscoastline is 199.27 kilometers in total, stretching from Rushankou in the west to Langnuankou in the east. Besides, its sea area is 1,209 square kilometers, more than 90% of which meetsthe national first-class sea water quality standard. Here it is rich in over 100 types of seafood such fish, shrimps, shellfish, algae and sea cucumber.

The superior natural conditions in Rushancreate unique growing environment for oysters. At present, the oyster farming area in Rushanreaches 80,000 muwith an annual output of 300,000 tons worthy of RMB 4 billion. In terms of oyster farming and production, Rushan rank the top among all the counties in China.

There are 67 oyster farming enterprises and 16 processing companies in Rushan. Products like fresh oysters, half-shell oysters and canned oysters are exported to 15 countries and regions including Japan, Korea, Europe and the US via online and offline marketing. Moreover, Rushanhas successfully established the first oyster quality and safety traceability system in Chinawhich can realize the whole traceability of original sources, sale directions and responsibilities in each process. So far, RushanOyster has been awarded the National Geographical Indication Certification Trademark, Non-pollutedAquatic Products bythe Ministry of Agriculture, the "2016 Most Influential Aquatic Products Regional Brand" and other honorary titles.